Nokia X201 hand free open problem jumpers solution

Nokia X201 handfree problem, hand free signal, hand free open, can be solve with this diagram that I am going to post in this post bellow. Look at the diagram and these two IC and there near about area if you find some rust water damage or carbon here you can clean the board and dry it.

nokia X201 keypad led light problem jumpers solution

In nokia X201 there are eight led lights in keyboard and these can be off due to water damage or rust or carbon. So if you are facing no keypad light and keypad led problem then look at the diagram given bellow it will help you to solve these problems.

Nokia x201 keypad not working problem solution

In nokia x201 keypad problem can be due to rust carbon or water damage in this case keypad IC can be damage or keypad track can be missed from any point. For solving keypad problem in Nokia X201 you can see diagram bellow.

nokia x201 lcd light problem jumpers solution

In nokia X201 LCD light problem display led light problem, display light not working can be solve in a few easy steps that are posted in this post. So read it carefully and see diagram bellow to solve light problem in nokia x201 LCD display.

Nokia x201 mic problem jumpers solution microphone

If you have mic problem in nokia X201, low voice outgoing, no voice is going to next destination mobile. In all these cases this diagram is useful and help full for you to solve mic problem in Nokia X201.

nokia x201 memory card problem solution

If you are facing MMC (Memory Card) problem in nokia x201 then this diagram will help you to solve. Look at diagram bellow and this IC that is in red box used for Memory Card functions in Nokia x201. Tags: ,,,,,

nokia x201 on off button ways power problem

If nokia X201 got dead and do not power on but if you plug in charger it shows charging in normal condition it means set is working but power button on off switch is not working. bellow diagram will teach you how to solve dead problem in nokia x201 due to power button. Tags: ,,,,,

nokia x201 ringer problem solution jumpers

Nokia x201 ringer problem, low  ringer voice, ringer not working and many more ringer related faults can be solve with diagram bellow. In this diagram you can see two color line one is blue and other is red.